This list is intended to let the builders know if I recently modified some parts.

Because this list is started on the 16/05/2016, many updates I have done since 5 years are not showing up here.


  • 16/05/2016 Added in the STL galery a folder containing my various STL supports for InMoov.
  • 16/05/2016 Modified RobServoBedV5 to V6 to enlarge a passthrough cable. Same for LeftRobServoBedV5 to V6.


  •  25/05/16 Modified all the forarm covers V3 to V4 to have a smooth surface, including wrist cover.
  • 25/05/16 Modified the Rotawrist3V2 to 3V3, smooth intern circle.


  • 27/05/16 Modified the PivTitV1 and RotTit to V2 to allow passthrough cable ribbons within the shoulders.
  • 27/05/16 Modified PivGearV3 to V5 to allow passthrough cable ribbons within the shoulders.
  • 27/05/16 Modified RotGearV4 to V5 to allow passthrough cable ribbons within the shoulders.
  • 27/05/16 Created new Potentiometer holder V2 to V3 to allow passthrough cable ribbons within the shoulders and to also use square potentiometer.


  • 05/06/2016 Uploaded all parts for the Back covers.
  • 05/06/2016 Modified the Eye ball to have various rings to create more human eyes, it also allows the use of a fish eye lens.
  • 05/06/2016 Modified the Eye ball support to have the eyes closer to the face holes, I also created and added a support to use horizontal webcam such as the HD LifeCam 3000 or 5000 from Microsoft.
  • 05/06/2016 Modified EyeSupportV4 to V5 to allow the use of SG90 and HXT900 servos.
  • 05/06/2016 Modified the rear of the Eye Glasses to fit the new Eye Ball.
  • 05/06/2016 Created a speaker case and support to fit behind the Jaw.


  • 21/06/2016 Modified Wristmall and LeftWristmall V3 to V4. One of the part was off Z level.


  • 28/06/2016 Modified RotaWrist1V3 to V4 to have smooth surface.
  • 28/06/2016 Modified RotaWrist2V2 to V3 to have smooth surface.
  • 28/06/2016 Modified WristGears3V4 to V5 to have smooth surface.


  • 04/08/2016 Uploaded two zip files in “How to start MyRobotLab”,  containing a working version 1.0.1412 of MyRobotLab that includes all gestures for ProgramAB and audiofiles. Included is a batch file to launch MRL automatically grabing your prefered script and killing all Java zombies.


  • 04/09/2016 Modified NeckHingeV1 to V2. It avoids hitting the boltings of the skull parts when rotating.


  • 17/09/2016 Added the files for the BackDoor. I also made a PowerBank support which can be used for various other purposes.


  • 22/09/2016 Added MidPotHolderSquareV1 for squarry potentiometer in the Mid Stomack library.


  • 17/10/2016 Uploaded two zip files in “How to start MyRobotLab”,  containing a working version 1.0.1723 KRAKEN of MyRobotLab that includes all gestures for ProgramAB and audiofiles . Included is a batch file to launch MRL automatically grabing your prefered script and killing all Java zombies. Adds battery level checking, face recognition and translation in different languages(translator requires ID and keys)


  • 18/01/2017 Modified the BatteryHolders to V5 for easy battery connection. And added a small BatteryPusher.


  • 31/05/2017 Modified GearHolderV1 to V2, for smoother surface rotation. Also ServoGearV1 to V2 and MainGearV1 to V2 for smoother surface.
  • 31/05/2017 Added USBCliker and USBRotater in the Back library. The purpose of those parts are to create a rotating dock for the Lenovo Tablet 8″. It is to be glued.


  • 20/10/2017 Added all files for the legs without motorization, including feet.
  • 25/10/2017 Modified ThighHighRight and Left to be flat at zero. Modified LegHolderRight and Left to be flat at zero. Modified KneeClampLeft to be mirrored from KneeClampRight.


  • 06/11/2017 Modified many parts of the shoulder and bicep to 3D print ball bearings and adjusters screws, I also re-did completely the tutorial associated to those parts, the new parts are reverse compatible with the older parts(not the other way):


  1. HighArmSideV2  to HighArmSideV3
  2. LeftRotTitV3 to LeftRotTitV4
  3. RotGearV5 to RotGearV6
  4. RotMitV2 to RotMitV3
  5. RotTitV3 to RotTitV4
  6. RotWormV4 to RotWormV5
  7. RotcenterV2 to RotcenterV3
  8. leftRotcenterV2 to leftRotcenterV3
  9. reinforcerV1 to reinforcerV2


  1. LeftPivPotholderV2 to LeftPivPotholderV3
  2. PivGearV5 to PivGearV6
  3. PivMitV1 to PivMitV2
  4. PivPotholderV2 to PivPotholderV3
  5. PivWormV2 to PivWormV5
  6. PivcenterV1 to PivcenterV3
  7. leftPivMitV1 to leftPivMitV2
  8. leftPivcenterV1 to leftPivcenterV3
  • 06/11/2017 Added RibonPusherV1 to avoid friction against the bicep piston.


  •  12/11/2017 Modified ThighLowRightV1 to ThighLowRightV3 and ThighLowLeftV1 to ThighLowLeftV3. Fixed the hole position which was not aligned with KneeHigh parts. And added a attachment to KneeHigh parts.


  • 17/02/18 Updated Manticore 1.0.2693 to 1.0.2693.1 Fixing bug with jaw delay when speaking.


  • 07/03/18 Added 4 parts to hook the LowStomach to a chariot to carry the robot (picture) in Galery/STL/Other-usefull-parts
  1. HookLV1
  2. HookRV1
  3. LowStoHookLV1
  4. LowStoHookRV1


  • 15/05/18 Created a new neck mecanism based on the 3 axes principle of Bob Huston’s neck. It’s much stronger and smoother for movements. It also allows the head to be dismantled in easy matter. Created folders in the Gallery STL for older versions which are not fully compatible with the new version.
  1. NeckPistonBaseFrontV1
  2. NeckPistonFrontV1
  3. NeckPistonSideV1
  4. NeckPistonV2
  5. NeckPlateHighV2
  6. NeckPlateV2
  7. PistonBaseSideV2
  8. NeckJointLowerV4
  9. NeckServo HolderV2
  10. NeckServoPivotV2
  11. NeckV2
  • 16/05/18 Updated almost all head parts to have a smooth surface and added more screw holders for a better skull assembly. Created folders in the Gallery STL for older versions which are not fully compatible with the new version.
  1. LowBackV4 to LowBackV5
  2. SideHearV3 to SideHearV4
  3. TopMouthV3 to TopMouthV4
  4. TopBackSkullV3 to TopBackSullV4
  5. TopSkullLeftV3 to TopSkullLeftV4
  6. TopSkullRightV3 to TopSkullRightV4
  7. Added some square potentiometer holders for the shoulders.
  • 18/09/18 Fixed the captureGesture function in the Manticore 2693.5 . Modified the tutorial regarding captureGesture.
  • 07/10/18 Added BottomChestSonicV1. This allows the robot to have a UltraSonic sr5 on each side of it’s chest.


  • 12/02/19 Fixed the German AIML errors and translated inmoov_Chatbot.aiml and inmoov_Gestures.aiml to German. It’s now version Manticore 2693.8
  • 29/05/19 Modified lowarmsideV1 to LowArmSideV2 to have the option for both, round and square potentiometer.
  • 31/08/19 Modified the, should fixed now for Mac, it’s now version Manticore 2693.11  . I also added some sample script in the and gesture.aiml for to light up some led via voice control.
  • 02/09/19 Uploaded a new version of HomLowBack-V1 to HomLowBackV2
  • 02/09/19 New version of Manticore 2693.12, this includes the config file for finger sensors and the file
  • 05/09/19 New version of Manticore 2693.13, fixed an error when I created the jukebox aiml.
  • 07/09/19 New version of Manticore 2693.14,
    Fixed some answers in the French AIML and added the learnf.aiml in French version which was missing for the robot to learn new things.
  • 16/09/2019 New version of Manticore 2693.15,
    Fixed the to use the InMoov.patch folder during installation.
  • 10/11/2019 New version of Manticore 2693.16, lots of modifications to the config file for finger sensors and the file. Added a timer for the finger sensors. Modified gestures shakehand(), takeball(), and studyball() to use the finger sensors. Added the options for a second UltraSonic sensor. Updated the tutorial for the finger sensors and made a  tutorial for the Ultrasonic sensors.

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  1. The forearm cover updates are only uploaded to the Right/Left Hand Folder did take me some time to find them…the same STLs are in the old version in the Forearm and Servo Bed Folder.

    This is anyway always a little confusion with Hands in extra folders for left and right and for wrist and Forearm in folders where left and right is included.

  2. Yes, I also thought it was always confusing, it is because of history. When I created the Servo Bed, I had to modify the forarms as well, at the time you could choose between two different systems to mount your servos, therefore, there was two different set of forarms.

    I now removed the forarms parts from the servo bed section in the gallery.

    • Hi, I keep the microphone under the board and get it disabled in the device manager. Two options to fix the eyeball to the support, Glue or use very long thin screws. If you have burned out servos, you can scavenge their screws for that purpose.

        • Hello Rob,
          As you may have noticed the Nervo boards are on backorder, that means they were not in stock when you purchased them.
          We received them this week and are cutting them in order to package them and ship them as soon as possible.
          Once shipped you will receive a tracking number.
          I hope this helps you to understand.

          Best regards,

  3. Decided to remove the mic as not needed and by mounting the camera in the back of the eye with the back piece pushed right in prevents the iris clouding the corners of the image.
    I have decided to glue the camera to the eyeball and use some foam packers behind the camera board to keep it pushed forward then glue the eye to the holder. If the camera fails I’ll just need to reprint the eye parts and holder.

    Hope this helps other builders. Pictures to follow

    • Hello Justo,
      Unfortunately you missed the shipping batch which was done on the 18th of july 2017.
      As you know the Nervo board you have ordered is on backorder(out of stock), we will be doing the next batch somewhere around the 4rd or 5th of August. Anyway, when it is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking status.
      Best regards,

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