Wow this is it! tomorrow we are going to Roma to present Inmoov at the Europeen Makerfaire.

I’m pretty excited, hopefully everything will go smoothly, starting with douanes and the airports.
3D printing is a major concern for the authorities since some fools printed guns, now any printed stuff can be potentially a weapon. Since you could print a Makerbot rabbit that works as a gun, who knows what form a gun could take.

Anyway, I really wonder how this is going to be evaluated by the “douanes”.

As you know Inmoov is filled with cables, motors and batteries.

Hopefully when they open my suitcase they will see a robot and not something else.
How does this looks to you?

As you can see InMoov is now mounted with it’s Kinect reserved case. It is functional but not yet implemented in MRL, in fact there is a lot of work for to get this done. Hope some of you guys will join the fun and help about that.

As soon as I come back from the Makerfaire, I promise to put these parts for download.


Can you imagine that the whole robot with it’s metal stand, fits in there. Plus the suitcase couldn’t weight more than 20kg (batteries included) 🙂

Now, I wanted to make the kids (or big kids) at the Makerfaire a thing to go back home with, and I decided to print and package some Finger Starter kits. These don’t include the motor and Arduino, but all the rest is there.

And what is this?
OOOH YEAH! T-Shirts!
Alessandro has printed for leonardo and I, two super cool T-Shirts.
If you guys are interested, Let me know and I will see with Alessandro what can be done.

This is to show you, how creative you can get, once you start 3D printing.

I remember  when I was about eleven years old, Star Wars was going to be on screen for the first time in Paris. I went to see it with my friends and it definitely had a serious impact on my vision of the future.

If  I had imagined this would be possible 37 years later…

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  1. Enjoy your trip to Rome.
    I would be interested in getting an Inmoov t-shirt.
    You could consider sharing the image file for the print and peoble could make their own T-shirt ( in the open source spirit 🙂 )

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