The new InMoov Hand

is here!

New design inspired from Human Hand, Touch sensor on each fingers, Flexible Fingers with springs...
Released under the NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC-BY-NC 3.0)

The Story

In real life, I'm a sculptor/designer. I designed the first InMoov Hand in 2012 as a futuristic prosthetic for a client project. This was the begining of a long Humanoid Robot Story...


Assembly & BOM List

This hand can be used in three ways
1 - Like on the pictures below with the servo JX PDI-6225MG-300 in the arm
2 - With servos JX PDI-6225MG-300 mounted directly in the palm, which means there is no need for the forearm or wrist.
3 - With small servos of the JX-PDI1109MG or SG90 type, placed in an adapter and mounted in the palm instead of the standard servos. (In this case we do not put the springs, but elastic thread)

HALL sensors AH3503 | Disc Magnet diameter 2.5mmx1mm | Teflon pipes ID1.5MM X OD2.5MM | Springs 3/16"x1-3/4

STL files to print

The parts are printed as they appear. Only covers and finger tips need support to be printed.
You can click on the part to change 3D view


InMoov project doesn’t benefit of any financial support.
I want to help InMoov project and download.
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InMoov project doesn’t benefit of any financial support. Therefore to maintain and help the development, a small contribution is always welcome...

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