Beware that these parts will certainly be obsolete and temporary once the legs are done.  I post them anyway because many builders asked for them. There is pictures missing in this tutorial, I lost them with a hard drive…

Download STL from the Gallery

Before printing all the parts you should print the CALIBRATOR, to check if your parts will fit together. If you have a very hard time putting those parts together, adjusting the horizontal expansion setting of your slicer software can solve that, this setting can vary depending of your slicer and printer but users report to set it at -0.15 is a great place to start.

An infill of 30%, wall thickness 2.5mm, best with no raft, no support(unless specified), use a brim for big parts to avoid warping.

You will need to print all these parts:

  • 1x TStoLowLeft
  • 1x TStoLowRight

These parts are for to set InMoov on a standing pole:

  • 1x StomSupportRight
  • 1x StomSupportLeft

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  1. Hello and I hope you are doing well.

    I was wondering where you are at in the development of the legs and connectivity to the torso? Is this a project where possibly another builder could join in and at least see and offer solutions to establish a good and useable plan?

    I have completed the upper torso, arms and head. Although I have not finished the electronics integration on both sides as of yet. With the pandemic going on, supplies have either dwindled or are a long time in arrival.

    I primarily work with students in FIRST Robotics since I retired but wanted to learn a deeper sense of robotics as well as be able to use that knowledge to enhance my time imparting knowledge to “my students.”

    If this is a possibility, please respond back. I have background in construction and electronics as well as am pretty handy on SolidWorks.



    • Hello,
      Currently I am not developing the legs because I really lack of free time.
      Unfortunately, I really don’t have time anymore to work on the robot because of the sanitary situation.
      I hope the community will come up with something for the legs, I am aware of some builders trying to do some developments.
      Best regards

  2. Question, who has installed the robot on support like Speaker support? I saw in parts library supports, but don’t get how to install on and where? Also I’ve a 35mm diameter one which seems doesn’t fit with them but can’t adapt till I don’t get how to… Anyone to help on the subject? My support should be ok as can support till 65 Kgs. Thanks

  3. I am almost finishing my Inmoov but a serious problem has arisen. To put my robot on a standing pole, I printed StomSupportRight and StomSupportLeft and glued these two parts together, but I don’t know how to attach the bottom of the robot’s stomach to this support.
    Has anyone faced this problem? Am I forgetting something? Any ideas to fix it? The robot body is quite heavy and strong movements will require firm installation.
    Best regards,

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