• Ali.Chalabi posted an update 4 months ago

    Yes, i have finished the right hand of my robot …my 3D printer make me lot of problems to print!

    • What type, brand of printer are you using?
      What dimensions?
      I use a Cocoon Create Touch 200 x 200 x 180 or a Creality CR10S5, 500 x 500 x 500

      • I use ultimaker 2+ with 223x223x205mm.

        • Did you use PLA, ABS, PETG?
          each has their own benefits and problems
          PLA is easy to print, but harder to join and not as good in elevated temperatures.
          ABS is cheap and very easy to join parts, but can be more challenging to print with due to warping.
          PETG is easy to print, good at higher temps, but I do not know about joining at this stage and tends to be more expensive for the filament.

          • Hi
            Yes i use PLA and ABS. I prefer use PLA for the esthetic. But, i have difficut to make the Neckpiston gear in the Neckpiston . I have used Pla and Abs and have always the same difficult to make in the Neckpistion the piston. Have you an idea why i can’t?

            • The simple answer is, Its a hard set of parts to print, and gives the most people a hard time.
              So your not alone.
              The most common suggestion is to reduce the pistonbase by around 3% in the X and Y axis only using the slicer.
              Some have reported that this works while others still have trouble.
              I admit it was a very challenging part for me to print as well, and for me involved a lot of sanding and the use of bad English quite a bit 🙂
              Those parts have been enough ofan anoyance that I’m working on another idea, but its early stages and may yet not work, but if it does, you will hear about it 🙂