• Jack_Zhao posted an update 7 years, 4 months ago

    finally,the first version of the control unit was completed

  • Mm InMoov face and eyes being tested. Just using a small servo tester so its not calibrated properly yet.

    • Looks great, but you had me worried for a moment when I compared to mine! Is there a reason you’ve mounted the eye mechanism upside down vs. Gael design? Does it give you some benefit? I don’t have a completed skull yet, to see how the clearances and space work out with your orientation. 🙂

      • Hi Wayne – very good point about it being upside down! I am not sure if it will fit in the head that way around but at least I could hold it in the vice whilst taking the video. Been waiting on the camera parts to arrive before I finish the head – camera finally arrived yesterday.