• prasket posted an update 4 years, 1 month ago

    Hello All! Justin getting started on InMoov project!

    Already ran into power issue though with the finger-starter kit. I even tried to power with the power adapter that came with my Arduino Uno kit. I might just go ahead and look into getting the 6V 60Amps Switching Power Supply mentioned by Gael in the latest BOM update.

    While I work on figuring that out I have started to print the right hand/forearm pieces.

    I started with ABS but I was unable to keep the heat temp steady without an enclosure so I decided to use PLA. Currently I am printing with Amazon Basics Premium PLA Filament.

    I am using a Prusa i3 MK3 for my printer. I have not decided what I will do when I get to the pieces that need a larger print bed than 200x210x210.

    • Isn’t the Prusa 250mm bed?
      The only parts that need a 250mm bed so far anyway are the legs. So you have a while to go.
      And I have printed in PLA all the way, as long as you have your settings right that should be strong enough anyway.

      • Hi Mark – The prusa bed is 250x210x210 but that might be large enough. I thought some of the chest pieces might have needed a larger bed.

        • The original design was for everything to be able to be printed on a 120mm x 120mm bed. so you will be fine. Like I said, the legs are the biggest and I still had a little room on my 250mm bed when I did the thighs.