• Rishabh Java posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    The previous nervo board that you have sent to me seems to be taking very long to come. Is it possible for you to send me another one express courier as I need it in about two days, it is Important for me to get it as I need it for a very important event in school. I am ready to pay for the second one along with the express courier charges. Please let me know if this will be possible.
    Thanking You With Regards,

    • Hello Rishabh,
      The Nervo board you ordered on the 10/09/17 was posted on the 13/09/17.
      It’s been 8 days since the shipping was done. Of course the fact you forgot to put your post code in your adress, might take a while and if they cannot find you, they while (if all goes good) return the package to sender. We can expect a delay of three months in this kind of situation.

      We do a shipping session once a week if all components are in stock.
      Even with a courier which adds extra shipping cost, you will not receive the Nervo board in two days from France to Emirats Arabes.
      When we communicated on the shoutbox of MyRobotLab a month ago, I suggested to do your order immediately, why did you wait until the last minute?

      Anyway, I will send you a private email with the amount for extra shipping cost via French Colissimo courier.
      I hope you get it in time for your school.