Upload this FingerStarter sketch to your Arduino to see it move : Download FingerTester1.zip

#include <Servo.h>

Servo servoindex;          // Define index servo

void setup() { 
  servoindex.attach(3);  // Set index servo to digital pin 3

void loop() {            // Loop through motion tests
//alltomiddle();        // Example: alltovirtual
//delay(4000);           // Wait 4000 milliseconds (4 seconds)
  alltorest();           // Uncomment to use this
  delay(4000);           // Uncomment to use this
  alltomax();            // Uncomment to use this
  delay(2000);           // Uncomment to use this

// Motion to set the servo into "virtual" 0 position: alltovirtual
void alltomiddle() {         
// Motion to set the servo into "rest" position: alltorest
void alltorest() {         

// Motion to set the servo into "max" position: alltomax
void alltomax() {

If you have some muscle sensors or some ultra sound sensors you can try controlling the Finger Starter with them.