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  1. I am so glad to see this up for view. May I suggest that small separate teams of software coders and conceptual thinkers be used to make this work. When these Brain Schematic’s were penned they were passed on to another individual for safety sake. A separate team for each color within each of the documents would be most advisable. All Color teams should be separate and each individual within each team cannot join or participate within another team. An individual Color Team and its member’s may physically gather for collaboration sake. Although there should not be a mass gathering of all color teams. Again for safety sake, interaction between teams should occur only when its necessary to set up code interfacing with another color in the Brain Schematic’s and its corresponding color team. Color Teams should be located / spaced all over the global map. Separation of actual human beings within each color team is also necessary for their own safety. The individual color teams should work remotely with each other as little as possible, or at least keep it to a minimum. There is in no way a need for a main advisor team, to do so would put too much power in too little hands. One may not be aware, although this project is unique and considered a possible hazard to human kind if it isn’t matured ( developed) properly. We all like face to face collaboration as it accelerates development time, although it leads loss of focus on original guidelines. when safety is key within the original guidelines, any loss of focus ends in hazards, failure and opens a door to those whom have what is perceived as evil intent. 9 times out of 10 Evil intent forms of innocence and or an attempt to achieve a separate goal somehow inter-related to your goals. In closing, as a reminder for everyone’s safety the designer of the Brain Schematics cannot offer any more advise.
    In no way should any Color Team be comprised of only Software ” Programmers”. Geeks / Nerds/ Makers are sometimes blind to what others perceive they are doing.

    I remind you that our globe is home to thousands of individuals whom have a great miss-trust of technology and are reluctant to allow it to overtake their lives. It wasn’t so long ago that Thinking Machines were (still are )considered a no no. I guarantee that those whom comprehend the danger of self thinking machines lived long before you and I. I am certain many many safety systems were assembled. Many of these are probably automated. Small and large scale Wars have been fought over the use of wrongful technology. You can point to what USA considers WWII if you want, although if a war is fought over thinking machines, it wouldn’t be documented in ” history ” , for safety sake. The worst battles fought on this globe are in no way documented for public view so as not to discourage creativity or encourage wrong doing (mischief). Television ( HDTV ) is a great deterrent to keep the masses in line. Which may or may not be truth, how else do you propose to control a mass of a billion individual human beings or more.

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    P.S. THAT BLUE AIML WILDCARD PRIOITY STUFF AT THE BOTTOM IS the GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE schematic. Its the basis for most all the other stuff too…like facial recognition and text search’s. If you grasp that , then you should be able grasp the other stuff above it….if you are able to easily grasp the basis then you should be assigned as an initial color team assembler/ coordinator.

    It helps to have a simple method to identify the ability to grasp a concept. When the individual in the team whom best grasps the concept becomes team coordinator . When this happens it helps form a short term focus giving direction towards a team goal.
    What are we discussing today and who holds advanced comprehension of that particular concept shall coordinate the team until the concept is broken into the necessary tasks to achieve the end goals.
    ( I don’t really like to encourage having team leaders, as it leads to Kings and Queens )

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