Great time, great public!

Tech’inn Vitré is not a huge event, but it’s nice to be there and meet the Makers involved.

We had on the InMoov booth, Sébastien, Jérôme and his girlfriend which presented their work and projects.

Tech’inn Vitré.

InMoov on wheels and T-shirt, built by Jérôme holding a printed piece in it’s claws. Little R2-D2 built by Caliban association. A nice demonstration moment when all the robots interact with each other.


Jérôme and his girlfriend working on the battery connector of his wheeled robot. On the background, Sébastien is talking with a visitor that is also building a complete InMoov.


Our booth surrounded with visitors on Saturday.


During Friday, only kids with their teachers are attending the event. It’s great to see the same kids dragging their parents to the event on Saturday, because they want to see some more things!