When InMoov and MyRobotLab become fun!


I was asked a few months ago if the band could use InMoov in the video Dubioza project.

They had planned to ask students in Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, Bosnia (www.etf.unsa.ba) to work with them to built the robot and to get it programmed via MRL.

Students finished the robot, in the end with no help from professors but everybody learned a lot in the process and they are very happy with outcome. Then Vedran Mujagic(Dubioza Kolektiv) spent few additional weeks polishing and doing final touches on it and overall it ended-up looking very good.

Read the article: Making of VideoClip

The result is really great!

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    • Hi,
      I didn’t work on these robots, the students did the job and one of the member of the Dubioza band did the finishing Shiny paint on the robots.
      This is done with car filler, spray filler, sanding, and gun painting.

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