I have been working on the design and motorization of a new head.

This new head is compatible with the three piston neck and the rest of the InMoov body. It has a silicon skin made in some 3D printable molds and can do face expressions.

Here is the female version:
















This is the male version:
















































This is the male version in motion. For this test I have used some bad SG90 servos which burn and are awfully noisy.

I also have implemented those face expressions into Myrobotlab, so it is pretty easy to test and have fun with it.

To launch all servos for the i2Head, start the head via InMoov UI, then a toggle button will appear. Clicking on that button will start all necessary servos. You will need to calibrate them and connect them to controller4 (arduino).











Note that the i2Eyes are synced to the original eyeX and eyeY.

Also the i2Eyelids are synced to the original eyelids servos.

This will probably change in the future, but for now it allows to use standard gestures to operate the i2Eyes and i2Eyelids.

Here is the listed names for the new servos:

## the eyes

## the eyelids

## the eyebrows

## the cheeks

## the upper lip

## the for head


You can find all stl files in the InMoov site STL gallery:



Molds are now available in the STL gallery. Important note, the female skin is currently being tested which means I might need to make improvements about skin thickness or whatever. The size of the molds are big and require a big print area. Check if it fits your printer prior starting building the head. Standard 220x220mm bed Size will do the job.
The silicon reference is Smooth-On 00-10. One skin requires about 500Gr You can color silicon with oil paint or pigments. You can also add flocking to give it skin touch. Because skin color is very light and slightly transparent, you only need to add a very little amount. Mainly white, then some red and a tiny bit of yellow.
15 servos JX PDI 1109MG (avoid using cheap SG90, they won’t last long)
2 servos JX PDI 6221MG
28 magnets neodyme 10×1.5mm
1 or 2 micro camera https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/1005004200917640.html?spm=a2g0o.order_list.order_list_main.76.40465e5b637U38&gatewayAdapt=glo2fra

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  1. Hello. I have only a Question: I have build my Eye-System und now I am looking for a Head to mount it. Where can I buy an empty Head und how much is this? I will build the whole construction in the Head by myself.
    Thank you for every Tip.
    Peter Dambrowsky

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