Update to LowArmSide

Hello builders, After looking at Steve Rainer’s video I realised the inconvenience of having to reprint the lowarmside to fit the square potentiometer. Therefore I updated LowArmSide to V2 version. This modification allows to integrate both, round and square potentiometer. LowArmSideV2 in the Gallery.

Makerfaire Eindhoven 2018

Thanks to everybody for participating to this fantastic event! More than 15 000 visitors this year! The event was taking place in the old Philips factory.   Below is a sneak view of InMoov and MyRobotLab booth during the event, Opening the Makerfaire with the Meneer John Jorritsma, Mayor of Eindhoven city. Participating on our booth, […]

Meetup 2018

The Meetup in Paris in my Workshop!!  (21/06/2018) We had so much things to talk about… It was really great to have Greg Perry, his family, his friends in our place for a memorable moment. Anthony, Bruno, Régis also joined the party! Anthony got some super beers for all of us, but we forgot to […]

Deep Learning For Java

The uncanny Mr. Turing and his deep learning of with LSTM neural networks blog Submitted on MyRobotLab by kwatters on Thu, 12/21/2017 – 00:54 I (kwatters) recently attended some training classes around a deep learning framework called Deeplearning4j.  It was provided by the company SkyMind.IO, they’re the ones that created, maintain, and support the dl4j […]

JB Dunckel clip

Air’s Jean-Benoit Dunckel announces new solo album, H+, and he released his lead single which includes InMoov robot. The clip was produced by the team Akatre, which I have been working with before. It was fun getting InMoov ready to play in his new video clip. Even if the robot doesn’t move much in the […]

InMoov Legs for printing

Get your printers warmed UP!! The legs I had created a long time ago for InMoov are ready to download. http://inmoov.fr/inmoov-stl-parts-viewer/ These are the version for standing, not motorized. Beware that some parts exceed the 12x12x12 standard. The reason is that I was not going to upload these parts but time to create the motorised [...]
inmoov legs

Makerfaire Paris 2017

The event was held in the amazing building of the Cite des Sciences of Paris. Again this year Paris Makerfaire organizers treated us like pop stars. Incredible space on the booth and a super stage with sound system! Some of our friends Makers were not that lucky, this is mainly due to the space organisation, […]

InMoov at Bucharest Technology Week

  We want to thank all the organizers of our week in Buccarest! Warm thank you to Mihai Nica, Catalin Ticheru, Adriana Nica! During the press conference in the Hilton Hotel, (left) Mihai Nica, (mid)Bogdan Popa, (right)Gael Langevin, (far right) InMoov: We did three TV lives shows along with Mihai, which had a lot of […]

Creating 3 Robots in 25 days!

This has been a real challenge! For an advertisement campaign, I was asked to design and create 3 robots that had to be desperate because they will never be able to play Jazz. Jazz is a human thing! The challenge was the timing and the results expected which both had to be respected. 25 days [...]

InMoov figurine

During the Makerfaire of Lille, we scanned my full InMoov. The scan was done with a low resolution unfortunately, but if you print it not too big, it’s nice to have. I have put the STL file into the Galery under InMoov Goodies. Remember InMoov design is under CC-by-NC. You also can find it on […]