To start building InMoov, you will need a 3D printer with at least 12 x 12 x 12 volume of printing. Some parts might exceed of few millimiters. ABS is better but some guys do it also with PLA.
Electronic : Arduino uno and Mega microcontroler
Servo motors : HK15298B, Hitec HS805BB and MG996
Software : MyRobot Lab and python scripting

It does not require particular skills. You will learn making it.
A good starting point if you have no experience with servomotors or/and arduino is to make the finger starter kit. If you can do it, you are ready to build a full InMoov robot 🙂

Project is splitted, you can start by whatever you want. You will find many ressources on our forum and community on our site and on many websites. Let us know if you start an InMoov by registering on the Community. You can also put your location on the World Map and discover InMoov builders near you.

Assembly tutorials

Hardware tutorials

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