• Hartwig posted an update 5 years, 3 months ago

    This is my IOS programming environment
    I’m still making progress developing an iOS app to control a robot. Thank you Gael, InMoov is a great platform to do this kind of experiments.
    I choose MQTT as a wireless communication protocol between the app and the Bot. On the Inmoov side routes a raspberry PI 3+ the protcol to the nervo boards. A web server on the PI streams the video feed from the 2 cams back to the pad. I’m quite happy about the response times.
    An Adafruit huzzah board with wifi and servo head fits nicely into the head. Same with the hands. That saves a lot of cables. For the voice, I dismantled a JBL bluetooth box. The speaker fits in the designated place behind the mouth.
    Face recognition, Sensor reading like Pir and follow face with the eye servos is still working…
    The next steps are to mount the InMoov ready and then more coding, coding, coding… 🙂