• jaffa posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Hello everyone,

    here, as I promised, I’m posting you after I’ve reached a level with this phenomenal project. Namely, I presented my robot InMoov to the university and people were delighted (I think I am the first in Croatia who reached that level of production in complete independence in terms of working on the robot itself and financing it from their own finances. If there is someone from Croatia who also makes InMoov robot, feel free to contact me). There will certainly still be work on the project itself because there is a lot to improve, as well as the repair of the robot itself. Here, considering that I still don’t know how to publish pictures and not just text on the community page, I’m sending you two links to Google Drive, how it all turned out. Gael Langevin @admin Thank you once again for selflessly sharing such a huge project!