• Karthos posted an update 5 years, 1 month ago

    Just started printing all the parts and trying to source some servos

    • Hi Karthos.. please feel free to post your findings on the servos. and which ones you are using?

      • Hello, I got 5 of the HS-805BB for the lower stomach, head and possibly clavi part of shoulder. I have been finding some modified sleeves online to use smaller MG996r for something possibly. I noticed some people are using them for shoulder but I am still undecided. I got the chest and back plates assembled but havnt meshed them I also got most of the head done, I am going to post photos when I figure out how/where to do that.

    • Very good. I’ve also found in the writings this.:
      1 x HK15298 or MG996r servo motors SO it appears for most parts you can subsitute an HK15298 with a MG996r .. Good to know 🙂