• Chuah Wei Jie posted an update 8 months ago

    Morning builders ! The printing process is finally get to start. I’m using Anet A8 3D Printing. I wonder is there any suggested Start and End G-Code for such machine for a better result of printing? I’m using Cura.

    • Great news! good luck Chuah Wei Jie! it is a great journey you are embarking upon. Unfortunately I do not know enough on Anet A8 to help you. But Cura works well for me.

      • Hi Michael ! I believe it will be. Actually I’m using Cura for the printing too. the thing that I wonder is that I’m not sure the setting of the Basic and Advanced column will provide a good printing result or not. I had uploaded my setting interface in my album. What do you think?

        • Hi Chuah Wei Jie, I have loaded the setting I am using in CURA for my ABS-X, different but they more or less work for me. With each printer and each print material they will be different. big difference I chose to print in 0.1
          Have a good day