• oldfarmhand posted an update 8 years, 5 months ago

    This is kim ( sure doesn’t look like a girl, must be a athlete ) like i said I’m running out of things to print I’ve been avoiding the electronics I just cant seem to get MRL to work right. But they have been working day and night to get a new version out one i hope that i can make work, can’t wait for that

    • Welcome Kim 🙂
      Do you try MRL 1.0.107 ?
      It’s the “official working version with Gaël scripts”
      You can Dowload it on this page : http://inmoov.fr/how-to-start-myrobotlab/

      • Hello Sebastien
        Yes i have tried it the program works good i’m sure, Too many people use it the problem is i cant seem to get a handle on how to make it work i’m good at manufacturing and bad at programing. There are so many tutorials out there for MRL and when you try to follow one and apply what you learned you find out its outdated and doesn’t work anymore I’ve been a lurker on MRL shout box and am excited at the changes they are making I think it will be more user friendly for newbies like me i like the K.I.S.S. method so for now i will keep printing Gael has hinted about more stl files for the back cant wait!

    • Hi Kim, Hi oldfarm,
      Very awesome progress on your build!!
      Last time we were on the shoutbox of MRL we did solve some of your problems of power issue, and you seemed to finally get your servos to work properly.
      You are still having trouble to get your InMoov working?

      • Hello Gael nice to hear from you! I was trying to get chat bot to work and kwatters ( smart guy ) had me to go to another version of MRL to get chat bot to work which it did but then when i tried to use the inmoov section of that version of MRL see (description) The following line should be using the MarySpeech to do speech synthesis. The only exists on the latest QA build. It is not in the official release. mouth = Runtime.createAndStart(“i01.mouth”, “MarySpeech”)
        If you are using the latest QA release, that line should work. Otherwise, i expect you’ll have seen an error message when trying to run that.
        it dint work I was trying to get all of my servos timed up to be able to use your scripts. so I gave up until they release the new version of MRL then i will try it again

        • Understood.
          Just to let you know, if you don’t already, you can create a new folder/directory for each version of MRL. This way you can keep a folder with a working version and set a beta version in another folder for to test new things.
          This avoids crunching a good working version.
          In C/myrobotlab folder I have:
          -myrobotlab 1.0.63
          -myrobotlab 1.0.71
          Ech folder contains a complete version with all audiofiles and ProgramAB files, etc
          When I download a new version, I create a new folder according to the name, and copy/ paste from the previous version the Audiofile folder and the ProgramAB folder.
          The only thing you need to do when running an older version, is to make sure to upload the correct MRLComm.ino into your Arduinos.