• Abhishek posted an update 8 years, 4 months ago

    Hi All, I joined this group a week ago considering my interest on creating a Bot. Now, I need an info/suggestions over here. People from other countries have the accessibility to get the required servos and varied parts to build up the Life-Size Robot but the challenge in India (My Home) is these parts are not available and not sure how to get these parts to start with. Appreciate if anybody provide suggestions on the same.

    Also, how much time does it take to ship Finger Starter parts to India from France? I need to understand the budget reserved to import these type of items
    Any other suggestions from anyone would be much appreciated. I want to be fully aware and secured before I instigate the Life-Size Robot which is my dream anyways… Thanks Everyone

    • Hi, about the servo, the bigger one 805, i think you can look at ebay, i think you can find one seller….

      • Do you already have a 3D printer ? Or do you plan to build in some other way ? Everything is available on ebay and many sellers have free shipping. But I don’t know what it takes to import things to India. That may be the most difficult / expensive part. I suggest that you try to order some reasonably cheap things like a servo or an Arduino clone from ebay to figure out the procedure and what it will cost.

        • Thanks Mats… Actually, in India “eBay.in” exists and the servos which I am looking especially Hobby King are not available. Well HS805BB Servos are available in “amazon.in”. Shipping to India from Other Countries are not Free so I am looking at the other alternatives. For 3D printer. I am planning to buy FlashForge Creator Pro. Any feedback around this printer? Also, how much minimum time 3D Printer takes up to print by looking at Inmoov designs?

          Well I am going to give a try on shipping items to India from Other Countries which would give me better idea
          By the way, how far have you reached on Life-Size Robot Development? I would be in touch with you and would like to share ideas in the near future

          Anyways, Thanks Again for your Suggestions. Take Care

          • Hi. I’m almost finished with the mechanical build. Working on electronics and programming. You can see some pictures in my album. http://inmoov.fr/members/monnerby/album/
            I’m using a Raspberrry PI 2 to run MyRobotLab. http://myrobotlab.org/ but most builders are using a PC. I think you will be the first InMoov builder in India. You can find many other servos that can work well. I use servos from Hitec and Futaba in the hand. When you have access to a 3D printer and a program to modify the parts, then it’s not difficult to change parts to fit the servo that you want to use.

            • Thanks Again Mats !!! It is time to start building up the design. By the time, I finish up the design I believe your buddy would be Operational. How about the Legs? I don’t see any design on Ankle, Foot, Thighs etc… Are you working on that one too?

              Also keep posting me on the updates which I should be aware of….Take Care