InMoov au Musee de L'homme.jpg

Octobre 2015, InMoov enters the Museum of Paris. (Musée de l'Homme)
As the first Open Source 3D printed prosthetic designed by Gael Langevin.
The dedication and time I have given to make this prosthetic socialy possible was never yet acknowledged by France.
In fact many French people think this hand was entirely created by Nicolas Huchet mostly because he received the MIT price award for Social Innovation of the year. Innovator Under 35 France.
There is a huge misunderstanding build up around Bionico project.
Nicolas Huchet and the Fab Lab of Rennes 3D printed my design, I shared with them the codes of Brancante, a Brezilian, who had connected MYO sensors to actuate the InMoov hand.
Therefore Nicolas was the first amputee to benefit of an Open Source 3D printed hand.
November 2015, Nicolas received a 200 000 euros donation from Google. I hope he will find his path to become a real social Innovator.
Since I started InMoov in 2011 and launched the first 3D printed prosthetic in January 2012, hundreds of projects followed my step, and it is amazing the contribution to the community this has given.
Many people asked me, why did you make it free?
Because I believe we need to share our knowledge freely to pay respect to our future generations.
Gael Langevin