• Ibrahim Alobaidly posted an update 1 year ago

    Hi there,
    I would like to thank you for having this creative forum.
    I am interested in building the “INMOOV ” robot during the year – 2019. My first plan will be as following:
    1. Construct the hand, using a ready 3D printed kit that i can buy.
    2. Learn from this hand the proper way to 3D print, the designs and the overall integration.
    3. Put a plan based on my findings and start implementing the other hand by myself
    4. Compare the results.
    5. Analyze the performance, the output, the compatibility… etc.
    6. Put Clear plan for completing the remaining parts of the project.

    I have a question: I realized that in the “INMOOV” website shop, the hand is labeled as (V1) hand. Is there a higher version than V1? or this is the latest one?
    If there is a higher version how can I get it ready printed?

    Appreciate if you could support me.