• ayaan posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    hello gael i m a student of class 9 from bihar patna i want to ask in which language programming of inmoov is done and also i m using mg995 servo motor in place of hk15298b for fingers and im using hk15338 in place for hs805bb shoulder and arms section so is there any change in programming and also in the hardware section for biceps shoulder torso section you have written fit perfectly needs resistors,reversed polarity

    • The software that is used in the inmoov is called myrobotlab. It can be downloaded here under the tab build yours, how to start myrobotlab. For more info on the software you can go to http://www.myrobotlab.org and there you can find more info on the software. For the servos, just read through the bicep tutorial, it also applies to the hk15338. Also check the inmoov google grouop, where you can search for info about the resistors. A little more digging and you will find all the answers. But there must be put ersistors between the 2 outer pins of the hk15338 and the polarity is the direction the servo goes, The hk15338 go the other way around so you must switch the wires on the motor, but that is also described on the bicep tutorial. And the servos need to be calibrated for any servo, the min and max output positions need to be changed to fit your servos.