• Ayodele posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    Hi all, we are planning to adapt this inmoov design for one of our recipient that loss both hands from electrical accident. He was amputated at the shoulder level in other to save his life.
    Our intention is to build inmoov hand and torso for him. We will appreciate your technical input in this forum because we are going to resize some of the stl file in other to fit our recipient and use new design in place of the stl files provided here in some parta so as to have the best result. We intend to use neurosky mind wave device as control.
    Am seeking for collaborators on this noble mission to help the recipient live a better life. The project is at no cost to the recipient.

    • Hi Ayodele
      I am sorry to say but your request sounds like much much overexpecting abilities of a self printed hobby robot. before talking to your friend about this build one for yourself to understand fully the limits of such a project.

      • Hi Juerg
        Thank you for your thoughts, i know that the idea of adapting inmoov rob hand for a human being sounds crazy but i have high hopes and some of the changes i intend to make are;
        1: Use a single servo to control the fingers in other to reduce weight.
        2: Use the methods stated in anthropometry to get approximate measurement of his hand, forearm, bicep and chest.
        3: Resize the chest plate of the inmoov robot or make a new design for him.
        4. Use Neurosky mind wave as input for the Arduino.
        We are using the information published in an article by Vincenzo Parenti Castelli and Marco Troncossi as our KPI .
        Their requirement for a good prosthesis are:
        1: The highest possible dexterity
        2: Good performance (in terms of velocity,force/torque.
        3: Appropriate robustness
        4: Efficient control
        5: A human like appearance
        6: A light weight
        7: Proper size and proportion
        8: Good comfort for the wearer
        9: Easy control for the amputee
        10: Extremely reliable components of the artificial system
        11: A low noise level
        12: sufficient autonomy of the energy source to allow the prosthetic work all day.
        Our goal is to enable him handle spoon while eating and being able to wipe his ass after using the toilet.
        Constructive criticism and input on how to get better designs are welcome.

        • your list clearly shows that you do not understand the limits inherent to a robotic arm. Even with predefined programmed servo moves it is hard to e.g. have a repeatable soft ball passing from one hand to another. It’s fingers will never be able to handle a spoon! You might replace a finger with a spoon but will have to go a long way to not lose the load on it when moving it.
          Build one to realize how far off your expectations are.

          • Hi Juerg, thanks for your thought. The list that i reference are standard for a good prosthetics though it is impossible to meet all the requirement 100% because some condition on the last has to be sacrificed in other to meet other requirement and the physiology of the users residual limb plays a huge role in meeting those requirement. The purpose of the list is to show the challenges we have to surmount .
            The recipient has one device that serves cosmetic purpose only if we can come up with an alternative with any form of improvement over his current device it will be an added advantage for him.
            I have started getting the hardware that is needed to build an inmoov hand while printing of the parts might be a bit of a challenge but we are in talk with two companies to help with the printing. Can you please tell me the total weight of the hand, forearm, bicep and shoulder?.
            Everybody in our team including the recipient knows that there is a high probability that this might not work, we are willing to try and fail because even in failure we will learn how not to do it next time.

            • Hi Ayodele,
              I like your positive attitude, it is better to try and fail than to not try at all. Each failure is a sucess because we learn from it. We change our hipothesis move forward and try again.
              In terms of holding a spoon or fork, there are adapters that can slide onto a finger even an inmoov finger
              I will see what I can find.
              Good luck with your project, I hope your recipient will gain from the experience.

            • Hi Michael, i will appreciate a any info you have on fork holder for prosthetic hand. My thinking is that if the intended recipient can handle a spoon and be able to clean up after using the toilet, his quality of life will improve significantly because he stays indoors always at the moment and he need another adult to be with him often in other to do basic daily activities as a result of the loss of his two hands.
              we have started getting the hardware we need for the project while talk is at preliminary stage with a couple of companies that will help us with the 3d printing because our printer is currently having issues.
              Am looking forward to more constructive criticism and possible solutions from builders in this forum.