The prints shown are of the "Neck". For the Neck parts, I used White PLA, Clear PLA, Skin PLA and Black PLA. All 3D printing was done on my FlashForge Creator Pro at extruder temp 230°c and platform temp 60°c.

Note: The challenging part of this project is keeping up with revisions. Parts get printed one week, the following week there may be a new revision, and the part will have to be re-printed. Revisions are generally improvements to the part, possibly for better connection, or new addition to the humanoid robot. Not all parts will have a revision, but some will.

Total PLA hours: 19:53
Total PLA filament: 105764.3mm (105.7643m)
Total PLA weight (G): 316.99
Total PLA weight (lb): 0.698843
Total PLA Cost: $14.62