The prints shown are of the "Right Bicep". For the Right Bicep parts, I used filament colors Yellow ABS, Red ABS, White PLA, and Black PLA. All 3D printing was done on my FlashForge Creator Pro. 3D printing slicing was done using Simplify3D.

Total ABS hours: 19hrs 33min
Total ABS filament: 134954.7mm (134.9547m)
Total ABS weight (G): 405.7437
Total ABS weight (lb): 0.894512
Total ABS Cost: $18.66

Total PLA hours: 10hrs 26min
Total PLA filemant: 61008.84mm (61.00884m)
Total PLA weight (G): 183.4263
Total PLA weight (lb): 0.404386
Total PLA Cost: $8.44