• Steve Rayner posted an update 6 years, 5 months ago

    I want to mount my Arduino mega board, but i’m not sure about the exact position. I want to make sure the covers fit when I get to that part. Are there any photographs or dimensions that may help me?

    I’m thinking about designing my own mounting bracket, but I need to think about where to position mounting holes.

    • Hi Steve
      my advice is to print out the back and based on that find a place where you can position your arduinos. you might want to have the arduinos boxed and have pluggable connectors for your signal lines. the ugliest thing about the megas are the huge usb connectors and inflexible usb cables that come with it. I have tried to find alternates for them but with no success so far. I would like to replace the megas with due’s but did not find anyone who is running that configuration.
      If you are still in the process of building your bot I recommend to accept a temporary solution where his back looks like a mess!
      You will also need a “controller” computer running mrl and be connected to the arduinos, the cam, maybe the speaker and the kinect. Some people use one or more raspis but they might eat your power in too short time. I used an odroid for a while but switched now to a w10 notebook that has power saving integrated and comes with a powerful cpu and graphics and also with its own high technology battery.