• Steve Rayner posted an update 4 years, 9 months ago

    For anyone interested I’ve uploaded the second part of my InMoov Bicep build to youtube. You can find it here; https://youtu.be/p1_Fv7J_OhQ

    • Hello,
      Thanks for posting your progress! It’s very interesting.
      I watched your video and realized how inconvenient it was to re print the LowArmSide for to fit the square potentiometer. Therefore I made an update to have both, round and square fitting on the same file.

      I have a few recommandations:
      1-You need to modify the number of first layers on your slicer settings. Currently you seem to have only one layer, this is why we see the infill honeycomb through your prints.
      2-Regarding the placement of the wires coming out of the “gun”, if you run one wire on each side of the gun and add the tape, it won’t get damaged.
      Currently in your video, you have run both wires, potentiometer and servo, on the same side.

      3-And last recommandation when you add the ball bearing, the two screws showed below, are meant to adjust the pressure applied on the bearing.

      Keep it up!