Covie 1

We are a group of dedicated makerspace hobbyists, programmers, and a few teachers who are dedicated in engaging youth in science, computing, and mathematics, in a small town in Southern Norway.
I discovered the amazing InMoov robot one fateful day. I decided as a teacher to incorporate the project with my 15 year old students, and the local makerspace community, here in Kvinesdal, where COVERKS is based . We are passionate and driven, and this fantastic, beautifully created robot fulfills so many ambitions. 3D printing, programming, the aesthetic of creating and giving birth something so much more than a machine….tremendous!
As a teacher I use the Microsoft Hololens to visualize the robot and the parts in augmented reality. I upload the stl and fbx files into the hololens and also use HTC VIVE in virtual reality to really engage the students and visualize the robot.
Regards ! POV, founding member of Coverks Academy, Kvinesdal Norway