• Petra posted an update 6 years, 5 months ago

    As we are on the way to print the InMoov, we decided that it´s a real good example for making some tutorials on how to adjust printing software.

    We started with the ear in order to show how to print a good surface and how we suggest to adjust some parameters. I am sorry, for the moment it´s only available in german, but we will try to translate the tutorials too.
    We describe our adjustments with Simplify3D but most of the tips should be working with Slic3r too.
    The video is attached here and a pdf-Tutorial can be downloaded here:
    The next Tutorials will explain the neck piston and afterwards some structural parts.

    There are some more tutorials in our youtube channel, and some more pdf-Tutorials on our homepage. We hope it´s a little help for some beginners in printing their own InMoov.