• Timothy posted an update 6 years, 2 months ago

    Hello everyone! I have started my InMoov build but am extremely new to all of this. I printed the parts for the right hand, but due to an issue with my printer they came out with some strings / webs. Now I have to sand them down / clean them up. Thinking of switching from PLA to ABS due to the easier cleanup ( I could just wipe it with Acetone vs sanding it).

    Two questions I had : Advice on servos / motors that are fast? I saw a couple of videos of another build and the movement was still pretty slow / not very fluid.

    Whats the best hand design anyone has seen? Most designs I’ve seen allow the flex of fingers and grip, but where they struggle is in spreading the fingers apart side to side, or being able to make a circle with one finger.


    • reduce your printing temp in 5 degree steps until the web disappears. I do not recommend switching to ABS, that is not your solution. ABS stinks and is harder to print.