• Timothy posted an update 4 years, 9 months ago

    Can someone point me in the direction of a complete hardware list? I’d really like to have a spreadsheet with not only a list of the printed parts, but the electronics and hardware (nuts and bolts, etc) needed.


    • Default Hardware Map + BOM

      The nuts and bolts isnt by numbers, its mostly whats available in hardware stores near you , and also most holes in the inmoov are 3mm, but again its what you can find. 3.5 will work also, the us system i dont know, but you can convert them quite easily. if needed just redrill the holes a bit bigger. most holes need to be drilled to size anyway, so thats personal choice. But on the page listed above there you will find everything you will need. And just some personal advice, do it in parts, dont buy everything at once, there will be upgrades you might want, adapting parts for personal fit, so the BOM is a guide and if you buy everything at once you could end up with many unused parts.

    • Thanks Wilco! I live in the US, but I’m fortunate enough to have an ACE Hardware store nearby that sells metric hardware. I think knowing that most of the holes are 3mm helps as then I just need to find the correct length that will work.

      Now, if only there were a way to speed up the print times… I’ve got the right hand and forearm almost complete (2 pieces left to print).

      • Your welcome Timothy, and trust me i know the feeling. Printing alwayas takes too much time, get ready for the legs, they are pretty awesome to print….
        most times M3 x 30 will work, some have to be shorter, M3 x 10 and M3 x 20 but with the M3 x 30 you will have most luck. And beware that the heads of the screws need to be taper, like in the skull and even the forearm. Also the woodscrews, 3mm seems to be the most used size, in the forearm there are a few very short ones, but most again, same as with the above M3’s.

        Also some M8 x 80 or 100 if im not mistaken from my memory. those are for the shoulder and forearm to biccep.

        If you have any questions, just ask, thats what we are here for.
        Might also suggest checking out http://www.myrobotlab.org , they made movement for the inmoov happen and if you ever have a problem with the software, head over to those good guys and just give them a shout.

        Good luck