• Bob Houston posted an update 8 years, 5 months ago

    A demo of the stomach rotation

    • Hi Bob

      Very cool movements .

      As you have done to make the system of wrist motion up and down ?

    • Ah cool!
      Finaly you can post videos again!
      I see you replaced one hand with the Flexi hand?

    • Nice video, Bob!
      I see the wrist also has a movement linkage. You might want to share your work with Juerg, as he is also working on something similar.

      • Yes, I hacked a flexihand and put the servos for the fingers in the palm of the hand and added a servo for the additional wrist movement. I have also just finished adding flexible joints to the original InMoov hand and it works pretty good and can hold objects fairly well. I posted a couple of videos on Youtube about the flexihand.

      • RIght, you take a new route with servos inside the hand – very nice!
        My bending wrist uses another servo in the forearm and a few modifications on the existing wrist and hand parts – and it integrates a position sensor to allow the hand to stay horizontal. I am waiting for some cabling stuff as I want to have the forearm pluggable to the elbow. Hope to run my show in a couple of weeks even after you have set the level rather high with your perfect presentation!!!

    • Looks great! The flexihand seems better controlled – is that due to a design improvement in the parts or just better tuning during installation?
      PS I think we should chip in to buy you some switchplate covers so you can program your bot to install them 🙂