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    here is the first video of “Hansi” with working Torso and Head

    • very well finished and alot gone into the finish of the parts by the looks of it. i like the led lighting effects. how did you achieve that, especially the eyes ?

    • Wow. That’s a high quality build. You must have spent a lot of time to make the parts look so good 🙂

    • hi rentaprinta how did you mount the neo pixel in the head and where ?

    • Nice video Boris! InMoov lights up for Christmas time!!
      it’s nice when InMoov starts to talk through program isn’t it?
      I heard you had to use keyboard typing during the Berlin Makerfaire instead of voice recognition, in fact I met Bodo Facklam in Roma.

      • Hello Gael,

        yes the Inmoov can make now some christmas atmosphere 😉

        My girlfriend is using the keyboard to write sentences to give better answers to the people. Normaly the Inmoov had some random programs who are running. But to give a answer to a question what he did´nt know, we must use the keyboard.

        I was thinking to use a bluetooth headset for me ( like you) to speak with the inmoov, but the time was to short and the people wanted to talk to the inmoov!!!

        So and in this case, you know the noises on a Maker-Faire are incredible and no micro will work with this hole noizes, so thats why we make with the keyboard a little puppet show. But i hope the next Maker-Faire our “Hansi” will be more complete with arms and can drive and talk without keyboard!!!!

        I will not stop until he is finish 😉

        Yeah, Bodo was there and he told me that he will meet you in Roma!!
        What with the next Maker-Faire in 2016 in Berlin? Do you come???

        What your new update are doing (new Back)?