• Jack Phillips posted an update 7 years, 10 months ago

    Back to work on InMoov after dealing with a bout of Prostate Cancer. Using EZ-Robots for now. I have a lot of controller here so want to use up.

    • Hello Jack,
      Sorry to hear about your cancer and very glad to hear you are back on your feet!
      Bonne Année et Bonne Santé!
      Keep us updated with your progress.

      • Nice to see you are back at it. I hope all is well. I’ve seen your progress on EZ Robots forum. Don’t be afraid to post questions here or there if you have any. I am wondering what your plans are for the 2 cameras you have in your InMoov.

        • Hi Bob,
          Thanks for the thoughts. Using 2 cameras in head but only one active now. Try to move platform top mobile self contained. I tried answering you via email last week but I guess I need to use forum to answer now. Are you the Bob in South NJ? Your project is fantastic! Keep in touch.!

      • Hi Gael,
        Thanks for the thoughts!
        Working through treatments and will be stuck at home for several months. I intend to make my InMoov self contained mobile unit when done.

        Another subject!
        A word of warning to everyone… Get your PSA blood level checked and don’t let doctors jerk you around! I did not monitor close enough and hopefully I will be ok for a couple years. Doctors will tell you that PSA is not accurate, maybe, but for now it is your only choice. You do not want to ever got through what I am going through. Any question let me know.