• Jeremy posted an update 7 years, 9 months ago

    not sure how clear this picture is but i am having problems getting a nice finish on the last layers of my abs prints.

    • theres some pits, dont know if the hot end needs the temp turned up from 240 or if its clogged a little .

      • did you try to increase the number of top layers to print?

        • yeah the default was 1mm and i changed it to 2mm the same as my walls

          • I do not know of available settings in mm. I assume it is the number of shells and is depending on the selected layer height.
            For the outer shell you should probably use 3 shells, for top layers I would select 3-6 layers depending on the filling grade you selected. A low filling grade will result in wider gaps which will give you a less flat surface. Some programs allow to define a “bridge”-speed which will move the print head faster over gaps and reduce the “hang through” effect of the extruded string.

    • so it seems that not enough filament is being extruded. i add a little pressure to the extruder tensioner it does better prints, but i cant sit there for hours holding it at the right spot and the spring doesnt seem to be doing much