• Roger posted an update 5 years, 6 months ago

    I’m about to quit! MRL is not running on my PC. No instalation works. I’ve already tried so much, but nothing helped. I have the latest version of MRL, the latest version of java, original ArduinoMega, new cables, all on WIN10. I’m really desperate. I have printed out almost the entire robot, but get no servo to run. What else should I do?

    PS: There is also no “noworky” to send, because there is nothing to send

    • I would suggest you head over to myrobotlab.org and ask the guys there. They can absolutely help you with your troubles. Another option would be if we would do remote connection tohelp you. If you want i could help you with that and get your mrl up and running in no time. I am sure the mrl works, i installed it just yesterday on a raspi and a second laptop and works just fine.
      Sometimes its just something small.
      Again, i could help you with a remote connection through teamviewer if you want.
      Contact me on wvantoorn at gmail dot com

      • Double check you have the correct version of java for your pc, also did you create mrl folder on root C: ?
        when you first start mrl did it pop up with screen and show it is starting?

        • I agree, put the unzipped map of mrl in C:\mrl and not any way different.
          check with cmd: java -version and if that is the right one you must adapt the config files in the inmoov folder to your needs, e.g.:head -true or false, left arm-true or false , right arm -true or false, pir and so on.
          Next do start_inmoov.bat
          when finished and you hear a voice, shut down mrl
          reboot and restart mrl and it has to be worky, i know so because i showed it to you.