• juerg posted an update 6 years, 8 months ago

    Forearm alternate with more variations for hand positions?

    Anybody interested in helping design an alternate InMoov forearm?
    I would like to move wrist rotation back into the elbow – eliminating string issues with wrist rotation.
    I would like to add more DOF for hand direction, something similar to Bob Huston head.
    I would also like to use Marten’s smaller servos for the finger movements and probably his pressure sensor design for the fingers.
    I assume 2 servos for x and y control of the hand, 1 servo for rotation at the elbow, probably 1 servo for more thumb control?
    I think we could split work for
    a) rotation at elbow
    b) improved thumb control
    c) new wrist design
    d) modify lower forearm for new servo bed, connection to new wrist, holders for hand and thumb servos

    Let me know whether one of these points look promising to you