• juerg posted an update 8 years, 8 months ago

    Replacement Servo for omoplate

    After burning quite a few HS805BB I wanted to try another smaller servo which had interesting specs, the tgy-mg959 v2.
    I have added the redesigned holster which maintains the geometry to thingiverse (look vor InMoov omoplate).
    It should also work for rotate and shoulder and sure would look sharp on the robot. However my knowledge of blender is far off to make the recommended adjustions … but maybe someone else also wants to get rid of the large black boxes at the upper back?

    • Awesome good test and results! Thanks for sharing Juerg.
      Definitely something usefull for to make the servos smaller. Speed seems to be the same as the HS805BB, what are the torque specs?

      • Hi Gael
        Thanks for your comment.
        I bought it for the hobbyking statement 30kg/6v and 0.15s/6v for 60 deg. The servo I got is named v2, but you can also find other statements where only 15 kg are given. Do not know but performance looks to be acceptable and I am quite sure it could be good for other HS805 replacements. It is rather easy to change it into continuous mode but you need to switch the motor connections too to make it work with MRL. It is amazing to see such a small controller board and motor perform like that. Can’t imagine what a HS805 size part could do!