• Chuah Wei Jie posted an update 4 years, 7 months ago

    Hello builders. I’m new to Inmoov but planning to work on it. Does anyone have any suggestion or reference on how to start? Currently planning to build the head and neck part.

    • Gael recommends a hand to start with. Will give you challenges in printing, assembling, controlling. Afterwards the rest is not so difficult to accomplish but takes a lot of time!

      • Because I’m having my Final Year Project currently, and due the limitation of cost, building head and neck is the only way for me to accomplish my task and target, hha. I’m searching for someone to guide me and to discuss together throughout the building process.

        • OK, did not read your request properly. Have you decided what kind of neck you want to build, the single piston up/down or the double piston, which allows to move in more directions?
          I have also created an alternate for the head with less parts and holes – https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1636086

          • It’s Okayy. Erm, I was targeting to build on the neck proposed by Bob Houston, as the link attached below. I wonder is that a good suggestion? Since, there are a lot of people working on it.
            Link : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1243403

            Wow. That’s cool. I’ll consider about it.

            • bob huston neck is fine. I built one once not for me but for a friend. I encountered problems with the piston head and the connector to the servos.
              Make sure you get stl’s that are proven as working or latest versions.
              I also do not know whether proper kinematics exist for the neck (I mean not just moving the servos but request a certain yaw/pitch/roll of the head or trying to follow a face).