• Ashley posted an update 7 years, 2 months ago

    Hello ! I’m trying to build two inmoov arms and I’m just starting to look at the electronics. I have taken a few years of programming (java and C++) and I’m wondering why myrobotlab is being used instead of the arduino IDE exclusively, besides voice control. Can somebody explain the purpose of each program?

    • Hi Ashley,

      Welcome to the InMoovers 🙂

      MRL is (in my eye’s) much stronger/faster then Arduino IDE/Boards itself.
      It’s running at a faster system then a single Aduino board, so there are much more options possible.
      And the InMoov is a default Robot in MRL which is cool and more easy for beginners.
      There are some Python script made by other InMoovers, which are nice to use and learn MRL:

      If you only like to use two arms, I’m sure you can run this easy with a Arduino.
      I don’t now what your plan is, I now that Gaël also has two arms running with only one Arduino Nano, to run a random program with all the fingers and the wrist.

      Sometimes I’m using only a Arduino to run some mechanical tests.
      So I don’t need to run this with my Macbook all the time, or can use it during a demo.