• Kyle Clinton posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    I am printing the InMoov torso and after following several other projects I am wondering how hard it would be to replace the 3D Printed Piston parts with Linear Actuators? It looks like they may be a bit more expensive but may be a bit more rugged. Do you all think that a Linear Actuator with 4 inches of travel would be able to replace all of the pistons used? I am thinking in some cases 2 inches of travel may work. Just wanted to get some input from those who have printed the InMoov torso possibly on more than one occasion. Thanks!

    • i have stated this already on another thread – linear actuators will add weight and need room. question is also how speed will compare with Gael’s solution. believe me – you look at a lot of time required to redesigning the bot. do not underestimate time to design and print modified parts. I did not encounter mechanical issues with the current design – difficulties are in setting up the pots correctly and in protecting the servos from overheating. use heat fuses on them and spend the money on stronger, faster servo’s if you need more rigid movements with your bot.