• Marten de Groot posted an update 7 years ago

    Today I finally received my smaller servo’s 🙂
    After printing a servo-adapter, to mount this smaller servo in a standard servo place…
    I made some tests with the new pulley and it looks all great !
    The current use stay’s very low, even when I’m holding down the finger.
    The max current in the “finger closed position” and when I’m holding down the finger = 6mA 🙂
    (6mA is the idle current use from this servo)
    This means there is a option to use a more stronger spring if that’s needed !
    I think this spring is enough to hold the most basic things.

    Because of the good results without any stress to the servo, I will re-design in the next coming day’s a new servo-bed for the InMoov hand.
    The new servo-bed will hopefully smaller, to get some more free space and less weight.
    A other option to do a quick test, I need just some servo-adapters 😉

    I hope to include the option, to use some FSR sensors:
    I’m sure it’s a nice future option to have 🙂

    To be continued…..
    (a video will follow soon…)