• Marten de Groot posted an update 6 years, 3 months ago

    Before I can start with my complete InMoov, I need to upgrade my UM2 filament spool-holder.
    I’ve ordered some COLORFABB_XT spools with 2.2kg filament 🙂
    Not sure if XT filament is the right choice for some mechanical parts.

    • yep… Colorfabb is great stuff, iv tried every brand/type out there ,, i do a lot of printing,,, In Australia i use “Blueprinted” filaments which is pretty good quality for a cheap filament Colorfabb is hard to get here and its bloody expensive..
      I only use PLA you would surprised how tough the stuff when printed correctly – you wont have any strength problem with your roll of Colorfabb XT,,
      Strength problems only happen when your printing speed is faster then the melting point of the filament “OR” printing to slow and having the filament to hot will cause problems too,,

      • Thanks for your information.
        I get lucky to live in the Netherlands, the shipping costs are free when I order one spool.
        And with the 2.2kg spools it’s 30% less in price.

        I’m sure I need to play with some settings (temps and max speed).
        I hope to start this evening with some tests 🙂

        I’ve used CollorFabb PLA for some time now and this prints very well.
        Just printing this direct on the glass, without any hairspray or glue stick.
        If XT isn’t printing well, I will try PLA for most InMoov parts.
        Only for some mechanical parts I will use some other filament like Nylon.

        I will share my experience anyway here @ InMoov

        • Its worth having a go at trying other other filaments but iv found you really cant beat good quality PLA when its printed correctly,, its hard so its good for gears and moving parts It prints like a dream compered to other filaments,,, and it doesn’t destroy the planet,,,
          I’v been R&D on 3d printers full-time for about 4 years now, mainly on design side of things,, so iv taken a big hammer to all types of filaments— and at the end of day its like taking 2 cars, one made of steel and one made of aluminum,, drive them into a brick wall at 200kmh and then having a augment over which one looks better,,,lol,, there always an exception to the rules but good quality PLA really is great stuff,,,,

          • CollorFabb PLA is good material anyway.
            XT can handle a higher temp when it’s printed, this part is a positive thing if InMoof stays for a long day in sunlight.
            So maybe I will use XT for some outside parts and all others with PLA 🙂