• Mihai Bujanca posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    @admin I’m currently building the arms. At some point I’d like to train them with reinforcement learning for grasping / picking / moving objects. To do so it would be best to create a virtual model of the robot that can be used to train in simulation. This is commonly done with URDF files. I was wondering if there are already any existing simulated versions of the robot or if you have any guidelines towards creating this.

    TL;DR are there any URDF files for the robot?

    • Hello and welcome,
      We have in our MyRobotLab software a simulator of the robot which allows to create gestures or kinematics movement prior sending them to the real robot.
      We do not use URDF file but JMonkey file which is commonly used in game engines. If you have installed myrobotlab, you will find that file located myrobotlab-1.1.XXXX/resource/InMoov2/JMonkeyEngine/assets/Models/VinMoov5.j3o.
      You can also find a URDF file of the InMoov torso here: https://github.com/alansrobotlab/inmoov_ros/tree/master/inmoov_description

      • Thanks awesome, thanks so much!
        I haven’t installed myrobotlab yet but I might have some time for it this weekend. I’m still waiting for some components to arrive and I’d like to try experimenting with the simulated model in the meantime