• Mindless posted an update 6 years, 11 months ago

    Hi Guys, I’ve got my- EyeglassV2- “and” EyeSupportV4- Just about ready to be released- it will do away with having to glue the holder in place because it is now printed with the -EyeglassV2-
    All key mechanical movement remains in tacked- the EyeSupportV4 has had a lot of little changes made to it that you won’t even notice (servo mounts /wall thickness and Hight etc. ..) and all other eye parts are the same except the back piece for the left eye, I put a offset of 1.5mm(downwards) so the servo secondary movement arms lines up with the servo horn – and it only took half a rubbish been of unforeseeable problems to get the whole operation working correctly ..lol
    The No Glue Finger set is pretty well finished too, just putting the final touches on it now,,, that took up the other half of the bin,,
    All the SketchUp Files will be Released with the Parts as they get finished so you can mod them yourself, but please try to keep all key Mechanical Movement the same as Mr Gael original design, this is so they will be no need to modified the Movement Scripts as they get released-
    Parts will be released on Thingiverse this week sometime,