• Mindless posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    Hello Mr Gael, Guys and Girls-
    I see the guys over at -Myrobotlab- have got the Electric Motor with H-Bridge and PID working to the point where it’s a real alternative method of powering the mechanical movements of Inmoov,,,
    So I assume this mean a cheap and nasty servo that is prone to “Burning-Out” can be modified so it keeps its Gear train and electric motor but change out the electronic board for the H-Bridge and PID method.,,,? Which in theory would make a more reliable servo- without having to modify any of the servo holders on Inmoov ,,, it would also mean that that servo system could be repaired rather then being replace ,,, and finally you could change the electric motors to 12v which again in theory should reduce the amp load on the system-,,,, Any thoughts..?,,