• Mindless posted an update 6 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Guy&Girls- Mr Gael
    Yep,,, Done in SketchUp-, Should have the original version of him finished in a few of days-, There will be a couple of versions of him,,, the first version will be the one using 90% Mr Gael original parts so this will be very useful for the building process,,,,,, you learn a lot more about Inmoov having a 3d model of him to pull apart and you realise how much work Mr Gael had to do in R&D to get him to this stage,,, well it just Boggles the mind after I while,,,,, the second version is my R&D Version for Bigbed printers and placing bearing in as many places as possible,,, – , the third version is for doing colour patterns on him, I will remove all the worm gears and anything else that bogs down the computer for that version— he is starting to bog down my cheap laptop already- I’m taking no short cuts on him ,,,I picked SketchUp because it’s the easiest of all the 3d platforms to use so everyone should be able to play around with him
    There is some other dude building him in Blender which I spotted somewhere, and will be great for more advance users,,, Finding the time to do these projects is the hard part- I’m already getting close to 600 hours on him….lol