• Mindless posted an update 6 years, 9 months ago

    Inmoov Original version V1- for SketchUp has just been uploaded- I added the all Potentoimeter (see pic) Not the best looking Potentoimeter but clearly shows where they all go,,,and I added few of the main bolts Which are just Shaft with hex/Socket Heads- so I’ve managed to keep him Low-Res as possible- ,,this will be last update on Inmoov unless Mr Gael adds/Changes a new part-,,

    • Mindless, I have downloaded your 3D InMoov Man – nice work. Should I be able to move parts around so I can see the internal parts? The drawing loads as a “Read only” file in SketchUp. Or is the drawing just that, a drawing of the assembled parts?

      • Left-click a part (to highlight it in blue), then right-click and choose Hide.

      • It a complete 3d model,,, so you hide parts to see inside him- or you make changes to parts then export that part as STL (Need Plugin) and print them out-,,, if your new to 3d modelling it will take a bit of time how to work stuff out,,,- but SketchUp is one of the easiest of the 3d modelling platform-
        The “load as read only” message means its double loaded- (already have it open) SketchUp allows you to open the program multiple times— to work on multiple projects at the same time,,,,

        • Sorry about that,,,,,now where was I,,,
          But you cannot work on the same file in two different widows —,, think of it as a “Master and Slave” set up,, the first time you open Inmoov man is the Master and if you open it again without closing that Inmoov the others will be loaded as slaves (read only),,,, and you cannot modify the slave version only the master,,,

          • I’ve just downloaded your 3D model… WAHOU !!!
            Excellent job, it’s very fun to see the bot in 3D.
            Very convenient for mounting and color test.
            Thanks a lot for sharing